Thomson & First Choice

Thomson has been providing holidays for over 45 years. Through Thomson Sensimar (was Couples), Family Resorts, Sensatori, Holiday Villages and Thomson Cruises, we offer everything from traditional summer vacations, to winter breaks, and last minute getaways. Three quarters of our holidays are exclusive to us – so our customers won’t find them anywhere else.

As a brand, we believe that a holiday is the best way to spend quality time with loved ones. We handpick our hotels with care – that’s why 94% of our customers rate our holidays as good or excellent. And of course, we employ the talent who can help make travel experiences special.


Thomson Holidays

Florida's looking fruity 👍 or 👎? ...

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First Choice Holidays

Tag a dad if you can relate... ...

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With postcard-perfect beaches, sugar cube villages and second-to-none nightlife, holidays to Greece have it all in store. Find your spot this summer >> ...

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