Resort Rep Opportunities


As a Resort Rep there are day to day responsibilities that will be the same wherever you are placed overseas. However, the job can vary depending on the size of the team you work inBelow gives you the benefits of the two types to help you decide where you would prefer.

Sole and dual Rep resorts

You’ll work independently and this role suits those that are confident with their own company. You need to be comfortable and happy to go out and about and meet new people as well as being excited by extra responsibility, love customers and also enjoy administrative roles. You are still supported by a team and visited by a manager regularly, but you need to be able to manage your own time and day to day responsibilities. Working in a sole or dual resort is also a great opportunity to get recognised for progression.

The below links take you to some of the sole and dual repped resorts available:

Kronplatz, Italy
Brides les Bains, France
Iso-Syote, Finland
Rauris, Austria

Team Resorts

Team resorts vary in size, however, in all teams you will be living and working with others, have lots of interaction with our customers and expect higher arrival numbers in these resorts. Your week will be a lot more structured than in dual and sole resorts and will always have a manager based in resort as well as an Admin Rep that is responsible for the administrative duties and the content based information that we communicate to our customers.

The below links take you to some of the team resorts available;

Kitzbuhel, Austria
Sestriere, Italy
Les Deux Alpes, France
Ruka, Finland