Meet Lee, Travel Advisor at TUI Bolton Superstore

My career with TUI started in 2013. Initially I applied for Deputy Manager and although I was unsuccessful, my Store Manager recognised my potential and believed that my experience and skills were relevant elsewhere and offered me a Travel Advisor role with part of my role focusing on Cruise and driving Cruise sales within my store and region. Prior to working for TUI, I worked in a Cruise Call Centre so without a second thought I jumped at the chance to utilise my skills and achieve my goal of working in Retail.

My favourite part of my job is genuinely just getting to know my customers and helping them find the right cruise product that matches their needs. I find that every person I speak to is completely different and I learn so much from them. Every guest has a story to tell and every person I speak to is potentially a customer for life.

I love that in Retail we have the freedom to be unique and bring our individual personalities to work to service our individual customers. I enjoy coming up with new ideas to engage my customers and always go above and beyond to stay in contact even when they don’t have a cruise booked; like sending Christmas cards and personally making contact 5 days after their cruise.  Every year I set myself a personal goal to develop my skills and continuously improve my ways of working.

I’m very proud of my achievements to date especially winning the Agent Achievement Award for Agent of the Year, I owe a lot to my Regional Manager, the person who recognised my full potential and gave me that opportunity at my interview. I didn’t even know he nominated me for this award until after  the nominations were shortlisted, I thought I work for a company that have 4500 retail employees in an industry that has over 50,000 agents, how and why would someone like me win this award; I thought I’ve got no chance.

On the evening of the awards, it seemed to last forever and then the point came when the nominees were read out, I remember thinking it won’t be me, I won’t win. And then with complete shock and surprise my name was announced; I couldn’t believe it.  After my wedding and the birth of my daughter, it was up there with one of the best experiences in my life. To be recognised nationally for all my hard work, for just being me, it felt absolutely amazing. Even writing this, it still doesn’t seem true but now my award sits proudly on my desk for all my customers to see.