Cormac B. Davey

Project Specialist


In a nutshell what does your job entail?

The role of Project Specialist, a new one in World Challenge, involves: setting the vision, language and narrative for the community project phase of expedition; training and mentoring staff and expedition leaders on how to provide and deliver learning outcomes for our challengers; and, overseeing the quality of our community experiences with our in-country partners and host communities.

Name three things in life that make you smile (work and personal)?

Being on expedition or recce!

A long cycle ride or run

Sat by a fire, pint in hand, with some mates, after a long day climbing a mountain

Why do you think World Challenge is ‘good value’ to you?

World Challenge has provided me with an unrivalled opportunity to work with like-minded people who love to be challenged, explore and educate both themselves and young people. I love to travel with a purpose and have during the last three years visited places as diverse as Australia, Laos, Mozambique and Venezuela either as an expedition leader or planning manager. As an expedition leader World Challenge has also enabled me to build my skills and experience in mountain leading, first aid, safety at the water margins, and facilitation. I am currently in the role of Project Specialist at World Challenge. This combines the use of my 20 years’ career experience in international development and more recent experience in the educational travel sector perfectly. I hope this is a win-win for the company and me. Going forward I am seeking more incredible experiences and ultimately seeing an improvement to how we deliver global education to young people. It is never a dull day at World Challenge!