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Edwin Doran is the leading organiser of quality sports tours throughout the world. With offices in London, Cape Town, Auckland and Melbourne, and partners in Canada, Argentina, Chile, Middle East and the Far East, we have taken more teams on tour than any other operator – over 11,000 at the last count. Launched as one of our kind back in 1974, our expertise, passion and attention to detail has kept us at the forefront of sports touring for decades.

Wherever our customers want to train or play, we can take them there. All our front-line staff play sport and have toured at some point. This means that we can offer innovative touring ideas and set up fixtures between equally matched teams. Plus, we can arrange billeting in host countries, so players on our school sports tours can really engage with the local people and culture. If you can be equally dedicated to making every trip inspiring and unforgettable, we want to hear from you.

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