Amiy Chatley

Digital Analytics Manager – Marketing

Why did you choose TUI to develop your Analytics career?
TUI offered me the chance to explore what Analytics can review in the Marketing space, really push the boundaries that are usually restricted when you work agency side. Coming from the agency world, TUI represented a great business model with a huge contingent of other analysts. In fact we now number over 70!

In a nutshell, what does your job involve?
My job involves managing a team of other analysts, helping to look at customer interactions with our websites (Attribution), with our brand (Econometrics), and with the many marketing channels contained therein (Google / Facebook, etc). All of this analysis is possible because at TUI we are fortunate to be using industry leading tools in each of these areas.

Day-to-day I will interact with a range of senior stakeholders throughout the business, making sure that as a company we are following the numbers and constantly increasing the number of Smiles we bring to our customers.

Tell us about a project you recently worked on?
The most recent project I have worked on is the implementation of our latest piece of technology in the Attribution space. Data accuracy is key to our job as analysts, so ensuring any new tool ticks all the boxes is a very satisfying feeling. The project took 4 months to deliver but came in ahead of schedule and is already delivering tangible cost-efficiencies to the business.

What do you enjoy about working at TUI?
As a company TUI has a giant perk – holiday discounts! After a few years these really add up, making sure I get to go out and stay in some of our nicest resorts. We also have regular educational visits to our resorts and hotels, seeing the destinations and how much joy we bring to our customers is great as it makes everything feel that much more impactful.

Lastly I can’t go without mentioning the great community of Analysts we have. As pointed out we are over 70 in the UK head office now, and there is always someone willing to talk about the passion we share.. numbers!