Nabaa Khandwala

Senior Consultant, Data Science & Enterprise Analytics

Why did you choose TUI to develop your Analytics career?
I chose TUI to develop my Analytics career as the travel & tourism industry has always been fascinating to me. There are always lots of interesting problems to solve and they’re all very real and tangible – which makes explaining what I do to someone without an analytics background a lot easier! TUI is also heavily investing in growing its analytics teams which is really encouraging as the senior leadership team realise the potential and the value data science and analytics can bring.

In a nutshell, what does your job involve?
I work in the Data Science & Enterprise Analytics team within TUI. The team works like an internal consultancy and is responsible for leading and encouraging the development, application and use of analytics techniques and data driven decision making across all parts of the TUI UK&I business.  Therefore a lot of my job involves; proactively engaging in and developing projects that can benefit from the use of data science and analytics; working with business areas across the organisation to define and manage projects; and using data and analytics tools to build models that can be deployed into the business.

Tell us about a project you recently worked on?
I have recently been working on developing a recommender algorithm in Python for a Bed Swapping project. The objective of the project was to find potential bed swap opportunities across the TUI source markets – for example, if a hotel in Tenerife is selling better in Germany than the UK in November, the Bed Swap tool might suggest moving some of the beds that were allocated to the UK to Germany as there’s a higher chance of them being sold in Germany. The project also aims to introduce Blockchain technology to TUI Group as a way to improve profit margins and reduce financial risk across all source markets.

What do you enjoy about working at TUI?
One of the things I enjoy most about working at TUI is the fact that my job role is so varied. Although I am aligned to the travel industry, TUI covers the end-to-end holiday, which means projects can range from looking at the Airline, Hotels, Cruise Ships etc. The team is also really friendly and approachable which makes TUI a great environment to work in. The holiday discounts are also a great perk!