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Meet David

David Aitken

Head Chef, based in Alp d’Huez, France


Talk us through a typical day within your role?
A typical day begins with a team meeting with staff to discuss the day’s plans and menus. Next, I check off any deliveries, ensuring that no stock is damaged or spoilt and making sure that it’s all there. I also place orders for any stock required, depending on order and delivery days. When working with food, health and safety is a priority, so I monitor fridge and freezer temperatures twice daily and take high risk food samples three times a day. I also ensure that COSHH & HACCP regulations are followed, overseeing others to follow the correct procedures whilst supervising during preparation of meals and answering any questions that team members may have.

What do you love about your job?
One of the main things I love about my job is being able to teach new skills to more inexperienced chefs. I remember starting out as a chef ten years ago and how it felt to have a mentor that I looked up to.  It is very rewarding to manage other chefs so that they can cook the standard of food expected by our differing clientele whilst being part of a successful team. It is especially rewarding when I see passion and flair from a chef and watch them use the ideas and methods of preparation I have shown them to create a dish.

What’s great about working for SkiBound? 
I love the fact that with SkiBound everyone is a team whether you are a part of management, a general assistant, on the bar or in the kitchen. I also love the fact that you get plenty of ski time in the winter and the chance to enjoy the summer sun if you do a summer season.

Tell us an Interesting Fact about yourself 
I have worked in Scotland, Austria, Greece, Spain, Switzerland and France, seen many different cultures and made lots of new friends on the journey.