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Meet Oliver

Oliver Gearing

Finance Manager


In a nutshell, what does your job involve?
I work closely with the people that make our customers smile, our fantastic holiday reps. I support them in all matters financial, whether it’s creating their annual budgets, challenging them to deliver initiatives, or tracking performance against targets.

Name three things in life that make you smile.
My wife, my kids and being stretched and challenged at work

While you’ve been working at TUI, what has put the biggest smile on your face?
I was selected to attend a development program called Perspectives in Majorca. This was a privilege and an honour, and I met lots of other great people from our global business.

What could you tell someone about TUI that would sound too good to be true?
At TUI, your career is in your own hands. We get the support to proactively seek out our own career goals, which in itself is very motivational.

Why do you think TUI is ‘good value’ for you?
I have found a company which I’m a good fit for. I feel like I can be myself and that my personal qualities are welcomed and rewarded.