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Meet Katrina

Katrina Laviola

Business Compliance & Financial Control Executive


In a nutshell, what does your job involve?
My role involves working closely with the foreign exchange bureaus in the retail outlets. I prepare the FX accounts for reconciliation (including the Western Union and Travellers Cheques), investigating and resolving all outstanding items. I am also responsible for issuing and reconciling gift vouchers, assisting with retail refunds, investigating and defending Retail chargebacks and managing the retail card refund process.

Name three things in life that make you smile.
Seeing my family and friends happy, going on fun holidays to exotic locations and doing well in my job.

While you’ve been working at TUI, what has put the biggest smile on your face?
The finance department fun day. After our finance briefing in the morning, there was an organised treasure hunt around Harpenden. It was such a great day – an informative morning followed by a fun afternoon with the chance to get to know new colleagues.
What could you tell someone about TUI that would sound too good to be true?
The employee benefits are great and you can have a lot of fun at work. I really enjoy the event days. They’re really enjoyable as well as informative. We have had photo booths in the office, a DJ and lots of games and prizes.

Why do you think TUI is ‘good value’ for you?
I believe in TUI’s core values and appreciate how the business strives for success. The TUI values help to create a great environment to work in. It means that everyone is collaborating and working together to achieve the same goals.