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Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

UK & I Graduate Leadership scheme


In a nutshell, what does your job involve?
The UK & I Graduate Leadership scheme is an 18-month training programme. During the programme I’ll complete four assignments, lasting between 3-6 months, in a variety of business areas, including Commercial, Distribution & the Airline, as well as other Head Office functions. Twelve months into the programme, I’ll also get to spend five weeks working in one of our resorts overseas.

For my first assignment, I’m working with the Ancillaries team, who source, manage and market all the things that we sell as add-ons to our main package holidays – so everything from excursions and weddings, to car hire and extra legroom seats.

Name three things in life that make you smile.
Travelling, dinner parties and Scrabble.

While you’ve been working at TUI, what has put the biggest smile on your face?
The people – it’s wonderful to work with colleagues who are so genuinely passionate about what they do (but the amazing travel benefits come a close second!)

What could you tell someone about TUI that would sound too good to be true?
That using staff travel benefits, I recently booked a seven-night holiday to the Caribbean for £200…

Why do you think TUI is ‘good value’ for you?
I really enjoy my role here at TUI – the graduate programme means that I get a huge amount of variety in my work, and also the chance to work on some really interesting, high-profile projects where I can make a real impact. However, one of the best things about working for TUI is the opportunity to get involved in things outside of my role. Since being here, I’ve joined the choir, taken part in a team day helping out in the local community and I hope to join the netball team after Christmas. There’s great community spirit here and it’s wonderful to be a part of that.