Seasonal Jobs Abroad

Working with us in a seasonal job abroad and you’ll enter a world of opportunity that’s packed full of exciting new challenges and rewards. From traditional beach holidays to skiing or adventure travel  – every single one of our customers is unique, which is why the travel experiences we offer are so different.

For you, this means limitless career possibilities all over the world. Not only will you get to work in exciting places, experience different cultures and mix with all kinds of people – you’ll also get all the support you need to grow, develop and become the best you can be, whether as a Kids Club Host, TUI Rep or Crystal Ski Chalet Host. And because many of the jobs abroad we offer are seasonal, you’ll also enjoy great flexibility. What’s more, because we’re such a big company, you can easily springboard into retail, airline and contact centre roles or transfer to a winter ski job from your summer season working abroad.

An update from us 💙

#SlowlySlowly #StepByStep #Holiday2020 #KeepPositive #StayStrong #BackInBusiness

An update from us 💙

#SlowlySlowly #StepByStep #Holiday2020 #KeepPositive #StayStrong #BackInBusiness


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To clarify: Keeping Intouch is for colleagues old and new who we hope, we may still have opportunities for in 2020. Those who have since been formally notified that we definitely do not have any job opportunity for 2020 will no longer receive this update. #SlowlySlowly #StepByStep #Holiday2020 #KeepPositive #StayStrong #BackInBusiness 💙

Thank you for this update! Very great communication from yourselfs can’t wait to hear regarding a summer place🤞🏼🤞🏼💙

We wish good Luck for all of us and all the Colleagues anywhere for getting an Opportunity again.

Thank you for the update! As you have mentioned ~ Bags packed and ready to depart as soon as possible 😍✈️

Thanks for the update 🤞 still fingers crossed grts from tenerife

Unfortunately I was not able to get anything in 2020 but I have hope for next year were you will hopefully contact me again

Keeping fingers crossed can’t wait to get back to work

My bags are packed and ready!! ...... No Honestly they actually are 🤞🤞

Thank you! Can’t wait to hear from you if I have a summer place!! X

Wow good luck to everyone who gets the opportunity to go x x x

Some better news ✈️💙 phone is literally glued to my side these days 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

You know what it would be great?If all those who are no longer available, update their hr so ​​that things can be clarified more quickly .Then the HR can inform the rest of us who are patiently waiting to hear some news.....

🙏 I hope get something for coming winter.

İm stıll lookıng for work but you told me thanks but next year Keep UP the good work all see you next year xxxx

Fingers crossed 🎇

What about the new destination opening in Greece?? Is it possible that we will be informed a day before???

Yep saw it....🤗

Hopefully some good position will come my way.. I am ready to go! Thank you.

Thanks for the update hoping my dream will continue back in Mexico xx

Can I ask how long refunds are taking please? We cancelled on the 3rd July

We are ready and waiting to greet our wedding couples 🤞🤞


Looking for a job is Jamaica 🇯🇲

I want to work for tui

Johan Holtzhausen

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Whilst many of you wait patiently for more news, we wanted to share a homemade short video diary from Carlijn, our Service Delivery Manager in Croatia who, like many, is helping to both save cost and provide service to guests by going back to the floor.

Here Carlijn gives a flavour of what it is like in Croatia working in this new environment with our first guests from Belgium & Netherlands guests. More news to follow soon 🙏

#SlowlySlowly #KeepPositive #Holiday2020 #TUIVideoDiaries


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This is great news knowing people are finally getting to do some of their season, although, when will others find out? A few people I know are already out at their resorts and travelled from the U.K. and many of us haven’t received any contact since end of May. Any information would be great 😊

Great work Carlijn 👏👏👏👏 Croatia is a beautiful place to visit and the people are wonderful too. For anyone lucky enough to be posted there. Enjoy. Have a great season. #theburts

Now that's what you call good management. ☺ Well done folks going back to the floor ☺

Super! Great job! All the best to you and your team on beautiful Croatia 🇭🇷

Well done Carlinjin! Have a great season and good luck to you all !

Beautiful Carlijn❤️☀️ great news! Have a good summer in the best destination

Croatia is a stunning place to visit ❤️

Have a great season! Greetings👋

What about local people still waiting to hear if and when we will start work? Stay safe

Really nice video Carlijn Elisabeth Timmermans, hope to hear you soon and all the best for you and the team there in Croatia

Carlijin, greetings from Belgrade 🌞 Nice video, take care 😉

Would love to come, our favourite place we've been so far, but we are British and not allowed! 🙃😒xxx❤

Heeey zussie!!! Eindelijk eens actief op FB! Leuk om deze video van je hier tegen te komen. We miss you! Geniet van de zomer in Croatia!

Thankyou for your video Carlijn and well done with all that you are doing. We stayed at the Park Plaza Belvedere Hotel in Medulin last August and visited our daughter, who was enjoying working as a Kids rep at TUI Family Life Bellevue Resort, Rabac. She was due to work in Sardinia this Summer (her 4th Summer Season) and loves working for TUI. Childcare She would like to be in Sardinia now or would also happily return to Croatia or Cyprus ❤️ Good luck ☺️

Have a great season ! Dubrovnik je fantastican grad a Lopud jedna od najlepsih plaza na Jadranu . Greetings 👋

Good job Carlijn

Good luck with restart of Summer Carlijn Elisabeth Timmermans ! Nice video 🍀🙏🏻

Well done all team in Croatia including my daughter Charlotte Ramsden xxxx🥰👏👏👏

Mooie video, ik duim voor een gezonde zomer met leuke gasten!

Great opurtunity 🎁🎁

Wauw Carlijn! Goed bezig ! ;) Leuk u hier nog eens tegen te komen. Marco wil al lang eens naar Kroatië 🇭🇷, eens bekijken ;) dikke zoenen van ons 😘

Oh, how I miss Croatia 💖💛


Sehr gut Carlijn Elisabeth Timmermans 😊 Schöne Saison!!

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It might still be early days, but we are heading in the right direction and we hope to only now head in one direction for our colleagues and our guests. #SlowlySlowly #StepByStep ...


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I would so love a holiday but will wait for another year!!! Scary times

Fingers crossed 🤞 🙏

Hope to get out at some point 💙



TUI Destination Jobs do you happen to know if we will receive any more information about jobs soon? The last few emails I’ve received have only been newsletters but I have friends who I trained with already out on their season. Thanks 😊


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