Seasonal Jobs Abroad

Working with us in a seasonal job abroad and you’ll enter a world of opportunity that’s packed full of exciting new challenges and rewards. From traditional beach holidays to skiing or adventure travel  – every single one of our customers is unique, which is why the travel experiences we offer are so different.

For you, this means limitless career possibilities all over the world. Not only will you get to work in exciting places, experience different cultures and mix with all kinds of people – you’ll also get all the support you need to grow, develop and become the best you can be, whether as a Kids Club Host, TUI Rep or Crystal Ski Chalet Host. And because many of the jobs abroad we offer are seasonal, you’ll also enjoy great flexibility. What’s more, because we’re such a big company, you can easily springboard into retail, airline and contact centre roles or transfer to a winter ski job from your summer season working abroad.

An update from our HR colleagues

Thank you. 💙

An update from our HR colleagues

Thank you. 💙


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We left after the last departure from Antalya/Turkey and all the guests arrived home in safe, now we are waiting to welcome them again 🤞

Looking forward to seeing you all back & healthy in GREECE! Until that time, take care!

We understand how it could be busy now for u, so good luck, and we are looking forward to our new flights reservation :) LET'S TUI THIS TOGETHER.

Proud to be part of such a great team in Tenerife

You are all doing a fantastic job Keep safe 🙏

Fingers crossed this is all over soon 🤞🤞 so we can get summer 2020 on the way 💙💙 let's create them smiles!!

All the best for you ! Love you Tui♥️💪🏼

You're all doing a brilliant job ✈️🌍💙

Fingers crossed this is over soon so we can all get back to work and normality the tui way xx

Bravo all of you !!

❤️🥰 xxx


Luke Orme

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To anyone who attended our TUI Blue concept training.

Thankyou, and see you soon. 💙

#StaySafe #TUITogether


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Gas recruitment not been suspended

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For our amazing, smiling TUI family.

Don't stop dreaming, we will soon be taking off again.

Thankyou Steven Carr for creating this. 💙


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Tui we love you we got this I haven't cancelled my holiday in August just yet my heart go out to my tui family xxx

Aaw... this! Cant wait to start again.. feel like I took it for granted and am definitely dreaming of the day to be taking off again! 💙 take care everyone and be safe!

So pleased to see I’m not the only one to get emosh over this video 😢 So proud to work for #tui for the last 30 years. Let’s #tuitogether this and get back to discovering smiles!

Thank you so much TUI, really needed this positivity x

We will wake up one day, and all this will be a bad dream 💙 #keeppositive #tuiTogether xx

Brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed working for the TUI family 💕

Amazing this is what will get us all through this we create everlasting memories 🥰

Seeing the hotel I stayed at last year miss it so happy for our holiday in August ! Xxxx

I just arrived home and already I want to leave, and have all of this behind me, again to help or guests have a wonderful holiday

This got me all emosh 😪couldn't be more proud to work for TUI 💙✈️

Oh my god! How much I want to be a part of this I can’t even describe! Pray to God for this corona virus pass fast and let us travel healthy again!❤️🌍

Thinking of everyone in the travel and hospitality industry... ride this storm... soon those bookings will be coming in thick and fast x

This is absolutely brilliant, well done to every single person involved xx

Love it!! We will beat this! 👍👍

Have to congratulate your customer service team. Working very hard to provide the best advice. Hoping we can still go on holiday in June.

Hopefully our Aruba holiday in July will go ahead xx

I love it Thankyou TUI from all the engineers in hangar 61 , and Europe wide ! X x

Love this tui cant wait till august Majorca x

we will beat this together..we miss you tui x

love this 💙💙✈️✈️xxxx

I love holidaying with my tui family hopfuly mine and my daughters holiday to bulgaria will go ahead in september on the dreamliner

Stay in and stay safe.....we will get there

Tomorrow will be better.Hope keeps people alive.

My holiday 7 July hope that it don’t get cancelled x

Well in Geordie. Lanzarote 2014 👍

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