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Working with us in a seasonal job abroad and you’ll enter a world of opportunity that’s packed full of exciting new challenges and rewards. From traditional beach holidays to skiing or adventure travel  – every single one of our customers is unique, which is why the travel experiences we offer are so different.

For you, this means limitless career possibilities all over the world. Not only will you get to work in exciting places, experience different cultures and mix with all kinds of people – you’ll also get all the support you need to grow, develop and become the best you can be, whether as a Kids Club Host, TUI Rep or Crystal Ski Chalet Host. And because many of the jobs abroad we offer are seasonal, you’ll also enjoy great flexibility. What’s more, because we’re such a big company, you can easily springboard into retail, airline and contact centre roles or transfer to a winter ski job from your summer season working abroad.

An update from us 💙

#StaySafe #StayHopeful #TUIJobsAbroad #TUIDX

An update from us 💙

#StaySafe #StayHopeful #TUIJobsAbroad #TUIDX


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For all the AMAZING TUI travel agents who help customers choose/book holidays, all TUI airport staff, TUI cabin crew and not forgetting TUI reps, team leaders and managers working around the world in destinations to ensure holidays/trips/transfers run smoothly! Both my daughters work/worked for TUI Vicky Ramsden 14 years travel agent and Charlotte Ramsden 6 years rep, team leader and now manager! Love to all TUI staff waiting to hear what is going to happen! 💙xxx

Wish you would stop using white font on the pale blue background. Difficult to read

Good luck to all at TUI. XX

What with the reps in training, what happens to them? Greetings to you all.💙

Take your time TUI, everyone understand situation, it’s sad that we can’t join now and work, but that’s not your fault guys! Just a matter of time hopefully 🤗

i wonder if Summer 2020 will happen? living in hope for us all x

Jenn Byrne

Jamie Phillips

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Don't stop dreaming, we will soon be taking off again.💙💙

We dedicate the sixth week of our #Staycation to all families and especially to our little guests! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👧🧒Captain T and his superdog friends have a special message for you! 💙 Be excited and stay tuned…

2 months ago

TUI Destination Jobs

Easter Update 🐣💙 ...

Easter Update 🐣💙


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I haven't had an email yet but am definitely still interested! have a great Easter to those celebrating this weekend, and to the Greeks celebrating next weekend 😁🇬🇷

I haven’t yet received an email. I am still interested in taking up my rep position on Skiathos island. Meanwhile baking hot cross buns in Athens. Thanks for the update and look forward to hearing from you soon. 🐣😊

Replied to my email. Happy easter. On lockdown in Spain malaga province. Will be spending Easter enjoying good food, great company, (my husband) staying safe. Stay safe too xxx

I’ve not had an email, well to be honest I didn’t realise applications had been open, I’m fully flexible and know the job, used to work for Thomas Cook so feel free to send me an email lol

Wish you all calm, and safe time during Easter! We keep fighting and stay home to make world better ❤️ we have it all for us, sometimes we need to take care of our planet too, as it can be overwhelmed by our lifestyle 😅 anyway I can’t wait to be able to join TUI Team as soon as it will be possible 🥰

Happy Easter from Cyprus ! Thanks for the update & hope to see you soon . Stay safe too xx ❤️

Thanks for my email hoping to continue my season in beautiful Puerto Vallarta Happy Easter all of you xxx

Happy Easter! I haven't received an email from You. I am looking forward for an update🌞

I have not received the email but will definitely be up for placing after this is all over

I’m also keen on the resort rep position in turkey 🇹🇷 I’m based in Hisaronu-Fethiye 💁‍♀️

Thanks for the update, look foward to seeing everyone soon in Cyprus. Stay safe. X

happy Easter for everyone. I get the e mail and I am waiting in order to start with tui on Pepeponnes

Yyyyeeeeyyy I will be spending my easter eating chocolate Hahahaha. Looking forward to getting back overseas when all this is over 🙏

Happy Easter from Crete! Hope to work with u!

Hope to see you soon in Kos Greetings and happy easter💙

Happy Easter and hopefully see you soon in Albania☀️

Can't wait to be part of the TUI childrens representative team in North mallorca. VAMOS

Hopefully see you in Menorca soon 🙌

mallorca north.... cant wait

Happy Easter 💙 can't wait to get out to kos 😀💙 xxx

Also haven’t received these days any email. Sure any time will be possible I’m ready to work with you ❤️ waiting impatiently xx

i am still in 💙💙💙

hope my holiday 2021

Megan Staveley

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