Jon Hope

Chalet Supervisor, Val di Fassa, Italy

My name is Jon Hope and I have been working overseas for almost 15 years in such fantastic and exciting countries including America, Greece, Spain, The Maldives, France, Austria and Italy. With working overseas comes excitement and huge challenges to adapt to your new surroundings. Working in the customer service industry is incredibly challenging and hard work but with that huge amount of energy and enthusiasm that you can bring to that role, the rewards are priceless. I have experienced scuba diving with whale sharks in The Maldives, been a pirate for the day onboard a Spanish galleon ship, driven my own 6 dog husky team across frozen lakes in Finland, snowmobiling to see the Northern Lights, naked saunas ( well, when in Finland!!) and I’ve learnt to ski which is something I thought I would never do but now absolutely love the buzz of fresh powder days and the thought of finding a new black run to ski down, and so the opportunities working for the company and overseas are endless, and the experiences priceless.

I feel that I have grown as a person and it is important that you make the most of your time in your location. I have experienced incredibly challenging situations including 24 hour flight delays and the organisation to ensure the welfare of our customers is maintained at all times, hotel over bookings of couples on their honeymoon and the unfortunate and tragic death of a customer in resort. You have to rise to these challenges and maintain a professional composure whilst also dealing with the situation with empathy. If you don’t challenge yourself you don’t evolve!
I have met some wonderful and some not so wonderful people during my overseas experience but the diversity of people is all part of the excitement. What will today bring? Each day brings fresh new challenges. And I have made some fantastic new friends on the journey.

The world is like a great book, for those who stay at home- they only read a page. Go get some chapters in your life! Enjoy. It’s wonderful. I love it. You will too.