Andrew Perry

Overseas Activity Manager (Menorca Holiday Village)


I first applied to be an apprentice activities instructor with JCA.  I applied for the job, as when I was 13 years old I was lucky to be given the opportunity to go on a 5 day outdoor adventure education weekend.  On these 5 days I had an amazing experience, so what better job to apply for.

Without much previous experience in working with children or the outdoors, I was a little concerned that I would not be right for the job. I looked at JCA as they offered an initial 3 week training course.  This is designed to make sure you will be ready to run all the activities by the time the season began. I was like a blank canvass keen to learn all the information.

Within this course I got to experience and learn many activities that I have had never taken part in before. For some activities like climbing and abseiling this seemed like a mountain to achieve.  The trainers really cared and would always be willing to take their time to help out.

During this training course I gained some qualifications in First Aid and Fencing. Also I learnt how to run loads of sessions including archery, buggy building, water walkerz, body zorbing, sensory trail, survival, climbing, abseiling, high ropes and began work towards my NVQ Level 2 in Activity Leadership.

Since starting at JCA I have worked as an Activity Instructor, Trainer, Activity Coordinator and now in my current job role as Activities Manager.  I am still learning and developing my skills as I always will be. Now I have the chance to help develop and teach people new skills.  I now get to gain new skills to make sure the operations run smoothly.

It’s important to get that balance right on days off. It’s so easy just to spend all your time off on Wi-Fi and watching TV.  Then October arrives and you realise it too late to try and squeeze everything in.  On every day off take that step outside and see what you can explore.

It’s great to wake up to a job where it reminds you every day how great it is to be a kid again and play activities.

See you around the JCA centres.