Andrew Hainey

Senior Instructor (Condover Hall)


When I applied to JCA I had no idea what to expect. I remember sitting in a room full of unfamiliar faces, with pleasantries being exchanged in a variety of emotions and accents, as we all were about to tackle this adventure together – the rest was history! We went through a stellar four week training program which opened our eyes to the magnificence that is the outdoor industry! Then the groups began to arrive and we really started our training. You learn how to adapt your instructing ability to accommodate every groups particular needs. You recognise the capacity for excellence within yourself and develop in to a valued asset of the company.

Everyone has their own favourite activity. My favourite activity is abseiling, as it is the session which I get most satisfaction from. When you are on top of the tower and have a kid who becomes frightened, irrationality can soon consume them so it can prove quite difficult when they make the decision to stay put. You then have to think of the correct words to say, at the correct time. It is a fantastic experience. When they get to the bottom and smile up at you, you feel a great sense of achievement as you have helped them overcome their fear.

We work where we live and the job can bring us a lot of positive emotions. But if one is to show love, happiness and empathy, one must also reciprocate negative emotions too, such as sadness. We are only human and it is very a natural thing to do! So sometimes it can be challenging to encourage others. But hey – we are a team!