Georgina Horne

Activities Instructor


When did you start and how long have you worked for JCA?

I started in March 2015 and I have worked for JCA for six months.

In what role did you start and what have you done up to now?

I started as an overseas activities instructor. This is my first season!

What made you choose JCA to work for and what’s the best thing about working for TUI Group?

I chose JCA because I enjoy working as an activities instructor from past jobs and last year I found out about an overseas role as well as hearing good things about the company. The best thing has been so far meeting lots of new friends and also it gives me an opportunity to apply to other TUI locations around the world.

What is your highlight of your JCA Career so far?

I have many highlights, my first would be to learning a lot more about younger children and managing the 12-15 year olds. Secondly, passing my lifeguarding, ERCA course and my first aid paediatric. And finally meeting everyone I work with and becoming really good friends.