Name: Ben Shinn

Role: General Manager Skibound France and Molay Travel, Travelbound

Number of seasons at the Chateau: None…but I have been going there for 16 years and seen a lot of great changes during the years

What do you love about working at the Chateau: Aesthetically, this is a beautiful, peaceful place to be. Historically, it’s amazing to see its history and roles its played in War, Education and Holidaying.

Locality, I could spend months here soaking up either the Normandy sun, Normandy cidre and caramels but more than anything taking in the mind blowing history of so many places and monuments that played history in Normandy’s landings which basically has made Europe the place we know it today.

Why should people work for Travelbound: When you work in the Chateau team…you become part of a tight knit, efficient, family based bunch of like-minded people, delivering great service to very satisfied guests. You learn to live and thrive amongst talented, charismatic colleagues with a work hard play hard outlook creating a strong bond with life in the chateau and surrounding settings.

Favourite activity on to do on a day off: Quite a contrast, 1)visiting the beaches 2) looking after the staff chickens 3) go-karting with the chateau manager.

Fun Fact about you: 1) I once was fat boy slims chauffeur! 2) I love windsurfing and squash 3)I used to have much more hair.