Italy – So what’s it like?

From mountains to lakes and lazy days to city breaks, Italy offers every type of holiday imaginable – with a guarantee of fabulous food and amazing architecture.

The beauty of Italy can’t be overstated – crisp waters, pretty lakeside towns and ancient fishing villages. Whether you want to laze beside your favourite lake, walk through stunning mountain scenery or ferry-hop through medieval towns, we have the perfect Italian destination for your summer.

Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como make up Italy’s three major lakes and are where majority of our staff are based in Italy in the summer. Each offers a unique season. Lake Garda is our busiest destination in Italy offering 12 resorts around the lake. We have large team resorts such as Garda and Bardolino as well as quieter resorts such as Gardone.

No visit to Italy would be complete without taking in one of its enchanting cities. We offer our customers excursions to visit romantic Verona or magical Venice as well as Milan and Florence. To get a really good idea of all that is available, click here