Meet Derek

Swansea Contact Centre – Senior Customer Service Advisor

In a nutshell, what does your job involve?

I work as a Senior Customer Service Advisor and have recently been given the opportunity to join one of our specialist teams, my role means that I support customers reviewing and responding to their queries that require a sensitive approach.

Tell us a little bit about your back ground? When did you start working for The Swansea Contact Centre?

I started my working life as an apprentice Toolmaker and worked in the same field for 28 years. After a short time off work due to illness, I had to find a new challenge and decided to join TUI in January 2018.  This was a great move for me I was back in work and enjoying life again.

It was a massive change for me but looking back now it was a great decision.  After 5 weeks of training, I feel I have progressed relatively quickly.  Starting off in the pre-travel and welfare team, after a few months I had the opportunity to join the Holiday Change Team where I helped customers amend their holidays due to unforeseen changes that were out of the customer’s control.  After some experience on Holiday Change, the opportunity to apply for a Senior Customer Service Advisor role came up,  I felt ready for the next challenge and put myself forward.  I felt confident that I knew enough about the company to move up to this level, and I’m pleased to say I was successful and am now enjoying working within the Directors team.

What do you enjoy most about working at the Contact Centre?

I am a people person I enjoy the team spirit that comes from working in a team environment.

Name three things in life that makes you smile?

Family life spending time with my wife and daughter and of course Holly (the dog)
Receiving a thank you or appreciation from a customer after helping them, it makes me smile knowing that I have done my job to the best of my ability.
Life 🙂