Sara Robertson

Sara Block AnalyticsJoined Analytics Graduate Programme in 2015

I joined the Analytics Graduate Scheme in September 2015.  Although there is definitely a perception that the analysts in the business all come from a maths or operational research background, I studied Psychology before I joined TUI.  I think that just goes to show that as long as you have some background in a subject with numerical focus (and an interest in data and the questions that it can help us answer) then analytics could be for you.

The Analytics Graduate Scheme involves eight-month placements in each of the three analytics teams we have within TUI (Commercial, Customer and Digital).  This is quite different to some of the other schemes, where graduates complete much shorter placements and then move on to a completely new area.  The benefits of these longer placements are that they allow you to settle in properly to each team and learn enough about the specialist tools they use to really get involved before moving on.  So far, I have completed a full eight-month placement in Commercial Analytics, and I’m halfway through my time in Digital Analytics.

In Commercial Analytics, I worked on a mixture of day-to-day tasks and project work, all relating to the yield management system that sets the pricing for our packages and flights.  This was a really challenging placement where, amongst many other things, I learnt to code in SQL in order to access the vast amounts of commercial data we hold in our databases.

In Digital Analytics, I’ve been working specifically on trading analysis, answering questions about what is selling best on our websites (and why) and what effects things like offer codes have on whether and what people choose to buy.  Again, this has given me the opportunity to learn about the specialist tools the team use, such as Adobe Analytics.

I’m already looking forward to joining up everything I’ve learnt so far in my final placement, when I’ll join the Customer Analytics team to learn about a whole new side of the data we have at TUI.