Meet Zoe – Analytics Graduate Programme

zoe-evansJoined Analytics Graduate Programme in 2016

What did you study at Uni?

I studied Math and Stats at the University of York

What interested you about the scheme and why did you apply?

I thought I’d combine something I love with something I studied, so travel and analytics seemed perfect. I wanted the data I was analysing to mean something interesting!

What are you looking forward to doing?

Rotating around the 3 Analytics teams to get a view of multiple areas of the business (and going to overseas conferences!)

Do you have any top tips for anyone thinking of applying for the scheme?

Do it! Who wouldn’t want to talk about holidays all day!? More specifically think behind the scenes of a holiday – don’t just focus on your own experiences, think about the wide range of customers that TUI cater for and what they might want when answering any industry related questions

What is your favourite holiday destination?

Sri Lanka – lots of elephants and baby turtles!

What makes you smile?