Meet Aimee – Finance Graduate Programme

aimee2nd Year Graduate

In a nutshell, what does your job involve?

The finance scheme is a 3 year programme, allowing us to spend a year in each of the 3 areas within finance. My first year has been spent in the Engineering team within Airline finance. I am responsible for looking after overhead costs, establishment costs and end of lease paint. It also involved a few trips to the hangar which is always fun!

Name three things in life that make you smile.

Food, holidays, friends/family

While you’ve been working at TUI, what has put the biggest smile on your face?

The whole atmosphere, it’s a great place to work with some really good people.

Why do you think TUI is ‘good value’ for you?

Throughout my time on the programme I will experience different areas of finance, as well as achieving my CIMA qualification which TUI funds. I also have the opportunity to get involved in projects outside of finance which increases my understanding of the overall business and means I get to work with a range of people.