Meet Jack

Finance Manager – Cash & Treasury

University course: International Business with a Modern Language (Spanish)

Year you finished the graduate scheme: 2018

What was your favourite thing about the TUI graduate scheme?

For me it was the chance to work throughout the entire department in the different rotations as you really get an insight into the whole TUI business and what it encompasses.

What does your current role involve?

My current role revolves around cash management for the TUI UK&I business, from looking at our day-to-day bank balances to liaising with TUI Group about our cash forecasts for the coming months and helping to mitigate the risk from turning about two thirds of our revenues into foreign currency so we can pay suppliers for our major outflows like hotels and fuel for the airline and cruise programmes amongst other payables.

What did you learn from being part of the graduate scheme and how did this prepare you for your future roles?

I think the key takeaway is the power of a network and working with people from around the business. Through the graduate scheme you are thrust into a multitude of roles, projects and other work streams which mean you need to work with teams and people from all over the business, and learning how to leverage the skills and vast knowledge from everyone around TUI will help you through any situation.

What advice would you give to current students or graduates interested in working for TUI?

My advice would be to follow your interests and passions. As a business, TUI is one where everyone is passionate about becoming the best holiday company and the best place to work which shines through in the way we want to evolve and change the way we do things. Otherwise, if you have any questions, make sure you get in contact!