Zoe Hartley

UK & I Graduate Leadership scheme


Tell us a little bit about your background in Retail

I feel honoured to have played such a large part in the success of the very first Holiday Design Store in Bluewater. As deputy manager I had the opportunity to influence sales through our service strategy whilst incorporating the amazing technology in store. Within this role I feel as though I have immersed myself within TUI as a company and really challenged myself by taking on roles such as Holiday Design Store trainer and being part of the Going the Extra Smile team. I felt that my time as Deputy Manager came to a high when I won Deputy Manager of the year for the company and at that point felt as though it was time to challenge myself in a new role.

Are you excited about joing the Graduate Leadership scheme?

I am extremely passionate about TUI as a company which is why I am so excited about starting the Graduate leadership scheme. I believe that this scheme is a great opportunity as it will enable me to further build upon my knowledge of TUI as a business, by spending time in a number of different areas. I believe that the two years that I have spent within retail will enable me to bring a unique insight into projects that I will be working on within the Scheme.