Meet Chris – IT Graduate Programme

Joined IT Graduate Programme in 2016


chrisAs someone who has always had a strong passion for IT, making small websites and applications in my own time, but without a traditional academic IT background, I was looking for a graduate scheme that would enable me to work across a wide area, seeing as many IT functions as possible to learn what ‘IT’ means in a professional environment.

When I saw the variety offered by the IT Graduate Programme here at TUI I knew that it was the right place for me.

Starting on the programme in September 2016, my first placement has been in IT Engineering. This has been an eye-opening opportunity to see how IT and the company as a whole comes together to deliver memorable experiences for our customers, and has redefined the picture I had in my head of just what ‘IT Engineering’ means – not just a group of developers working out the technical details, but a huge cross-functional team determined to deliver the best they can, whether that be in development, release management, or overseeing the projects themselves.

Still early on in my journey here at TUI, I have learned more than I thought was possible in such a short time, about the business, about IT, and about myself. It has been a fantastic start to my career, and I can’t wait for more challenges and opportunities to come my way!