Meet Gemma – IT Graduate Programme

gemma-lunneyJoined IT Graduate Programme in 2016


What did you study at Uni?
I studied BSc Digital Media Development at the University of Winchester

What interested you about the scheme and why did you apply?
What initially made me interested in the scheme was the chance to work within several area of IT as well as the opportunity to progress and learn. Also before joining the Graduate scheme I hadn’t had the opportunity to go abroad very often and since joining in September I have already attended an IT conference in Ibiza.

What are you looking forward to doing?
I am looking forward the overseas placement next year but prior to this organising a Hackathon for several local universities.

Do you have any top tips for anyone thinking of applying for the scheme?
My top tips for anyone who wishes to join the scheme would be to show us your passion for IT and your personality in their application.

What is your favourite holiday destination?
My favourite holiday destination outside of the UK would be Barcelona as this is the first place I travelled abroad and is culturally magnificent.

What makes you smile?
What makes me smile? Being by the sea!