Meet Sim – IT Graduate Programme

Joined IT Graduate Programme in 2015

sim-blockI’ve always wanted a career in IT, what attracted me to TUI was that the graduate scheme was very different to others; combining technology and travel and also allowing me the opportunity to explore different parts of IT and the business as a whole.

I started the programme in September 2015; my first role was in Information Security – this placement really tested my technical knowledge –I got to design an Information Security training programme for the whole of the UK & I business; this was definitely challenging but also it allowed me to test and put into practice my Info Security knowledge. Completing this key project was very rewarding knowing that it will be rolled out to everyone in UK & I.

I am currently at the end of my second placement which is in Service Delivery; as an IT Service Support Analyst, I’ve been working closely with Incident Management which involves looking at major incidents and ensuring they are resolved within SLA (Service Level Agreement), ensuring that the process is fully documented, measured, reviewed, delivered and lastly identifying and delivering service improvements. One of the most enjoyable tasks working in IT escalations is that I’m able to help our customers with their IT problems from small to large, from not being able to log on to a system to a system failure – it’s very interesting working on high priority calls, ensuring they are resolved and that the service is restored to ensure the business area can return back to normal as quickly as possible.

After nearly completing a year in TUI, I have really enjoyed my first job in IT; I have learned so much about the business and am continuing to grow my technical knowledge. I have had some amazing opportunities and looking forward to my second year on the scheme.