Meet Thomas – IT Graduate Programme

Joined IT Graduate Programme in 2017

What interested you about the scheme and why did you apply?

I believe rotational placements attracted me the most. Being able to experience the different areas of IT without being permanently committed to one allows for you to see, report and drive improvements with your fresh perspective.

What are you looking forward to doing?

I have currently completed rotations in IT Engineering as a Scrum Master and IT Architecture as a Junior Architect. Every placement is different and while it may not be what you want to do as a career you will gather valuable skills and insights which aid in you being well rounded. I am looking forward to my current placement in IT PMO where I am working as a Project Executive in the Airline portfolio.

Do you have any top tips for anyone thinking of applying for the scheme?

Be interesting. The nature of the company is built on interesting passionate people. Two of the three values we strive for are Unique and Inspiring so keep that in mind.

Be honest about what you are looking for in the scheme, It is totally fine to not know what you want to do. The scheme benefits both those who have ideas about their career and those who don’t.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

Amsterdam as the culture is proper chilled out and there’s always new to do or eat.

What makes you smile?