Meet Laurence – IT Graduate Programme

Joined IT Graduate Programme in 2017

What interested you about the scheme and why did you apply?

What attracted me about the scheme was the variety of different work you can do at TUI, there is a lot of opportunity to get involved in all aspects of the business in areas you wouldn’t even think like Retail, Destination Experience, Airline and Cruise.

What are you looking forward to doing?

I’m really excited for my next placement, I’ve chosen department which I think will really develop my skills. I’ve also been given the chance to do some qualifications which will really benefit me

Do you have any top tips for anyone thinking of applying for the scheme?

TUI are really keen on early talent, if you are up for it, you can go really far in TUI

What is your favourite holiday destination?

My favourite holiday destination is Mallorca I think, I’ve been there a couple of times this year for work and the island is lovely

What makes you smile?

Getting to work with lots of different people with different ideas, it makes projects really interesting