Introducing Socialbakers

How are we managing our conversations with customers on social media? Via a remarkable piece of software from Socialbakers. Thanks to these online tools, our customer facing experts can manage all of our social channels across the international TUI Group brands, instead of having to go back and forth between different accounts.

E-commerce Executive for TUI, Amy Brix explains, ”Socialbakers has helped us become a social business: we now have common and consistent KPIs across 80 markets.”

“Socialbakers Analytics and Socialbakers Socially Devoted benchmarking have made a huge difference to our social care strategies,” adds Amory Kelie, European Head of Social, SEO and Content Marketing. The result? “Four out of five of the most Socially Devoted travel brands are TUI Travel brands.”

Powered by Socialbakers, TUI Group representatives are directly supporting customers on Facebook and Twitter – and fast. From answering questions about bookings to giving tips on the best local restaurants and sights – our people are now in a great position to provide detailed responses to customer queries. What’s more, they engage with communities in a way that is relevant and fun.

“With help from Socialbakers tools, social marketing will be central to our marketing and business strategies going forward,” Daniel Robb, Digital Marketing Director.