Meet Ivor Vucelicez

ivor-vucelicHead of Purchasing – Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro


What does your job involve?
My job involves a wide range of responsibilities which I would split into the following key objectives:

  • Key Account Management: managing and supporting assigned  source markets in achieving buying objectives and engagement to Product and Purchasing, working and supporting a complex organisational matrix, managing the relationships with external clients (suppliers)
  • Contracts: signing contracts (rooms and beds sourcing) with suppliers within defined deadlines so that destination programmes can go on sale
  • Governance: ensuring that all contracts are signed in accordance to law and to corporate purchasing guidelines, administrating all contracts in systems, completing all physical documents and additional  administration
  • Contract accuracy: making sure that all contracts are inputted correctly into each system as data integrity is an integral factor
  • Commercials: targeting and achieving contract rates as per bed briefs from all source markets, market/hotel offers to support yield/revenue management, acquiring briefed early booking discounts, supporting M7 strategy and differentiation with sourcing new units to feature under our concept brands etc
  • Leadership and Engagement

Why did your choose to work for TUI?
For me TUI was a dream company to work for.  Going through my career I always had a passionate desire to work for a company such as TUI one day and that dream came true in 2011 when I joined TUI Russia and CIS in the role of Distribution Director.  I then held several positions within the company before becoming Director of Product, Purchasing and Marketing and then my current role as Head of Purchasing.  There are many great businesses and corporations, but what I like with TUI is that this company doesn’t conform to the cold and grey corporate world but has a real soul and vibrant vibe with a full focus on people, both on the customers and on its own employees. TUI has a great work environment where everyone can truly show their abilities. I am continually inspired because of its people and their loyalty for the company which is seen by the long career history of many.  At the end of the day isn’t this just the best work on the planet?  Providing holidays to people and making them happy!!

What’s the best thing about your team?
First and foremost the quality of people as individuals and as human beings. I am privileged and honoured to have such a team, full of energy and enthusiasm with so much openness and togetherness. We strive together, we fight for each other; the team is ready to work and assist 24 hours and is always looking to go above and beyond. I have never seen such dedication and passion shown by a team in my career. True professionals with exceptional humanity!

What skills & experience have you developed whilst working in Purchasing?
Leadership , influencing, leading/delegating abilities, planning and organising,  being result-oriented, negotiation skills, communication skills, adaptability, decision making, critical thinking and problem solving, multi-tasking, strategic thinking, analytical skills and precision in numbers, relationship building (networking) – these are just some of the key skills I have developed and continue to develop daily. This role will and can give me many more skill sets and I am thankful that I am in the position to have this development opportunity.  While in this role, I have experienced the best development in my career and I feel that I grew professionally more so than ever before.

What is your favourite holiday destination?
Miami is my favourite place in the world but  if I had to pick pure sun and beach destinations these would have to be Croatia due to its incredible natural beauty and pristine clear seas and Turkey due to the best hotel infrastructure and great food.  These just happen to be the destinations that I am responsible for, which makes my work so much more wonderful as I often get to be in my most favourite places.

What motivates and inspires you in your role?
Constant dynamics and constant challenges, no single day is the same.  I am a very communicative person, I like to engage with people and this role allows me exactly that due to internal and external communication with many different people. It is also great that I get to meet people from so many countries and cultures. This enriches my life and every day I learn something new. Constant complex and demanding objectives and tasks are what energise me and the more complex the task the more motivated I am. This role allows me to support destination growth and development and it is so inspiring to see how a company’s work can change destinations and people, make new trends and put smiles on our customers’ faces.  Customer satisfaction is the key inspiration.

What makes you smile?
I smile a lot as a person …. life makes me smile, my work makes me smile, my family makes me smile, my friends make me smile … all the little everyday things make me smile ….

Why would you recommend TUI as a great place to work?
I would recommend working for TUI simply because it makes you feel that you belong somewhere and gives you purpose. It is an organisation dedicated to people, to their development, to great work-life balance, to a great internal work atmosphere with rewarding exposure to so many different people and cultures. It is an inspiring organisation, ever changing and modern, an organisation that changes world trends and makes new trends.  It is an unbelievable feeling to be a part of such organisation that has so much influence on the world and the travel business.