Meet Joe Langfield

joePurchasing Manager – Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Aruba and Florida


What does your job involve?
Fundamentally, I have two key roles: Firstly, to enable TUI UK as well as TUI Nordic to be able to sell and feature hotels. I act as the first face-to-face contact with the hotels that fall under the destinations that I manage. This involves working through day-to-day tasks which can vary vastly from loading and negotiating promotional offers, or working through a solution of a health and safety issue.

The second key role is to negotiate seasonal contracts alongside our hotels and partners. This is the full legal contract that TUI legally requires when working and featuring hotels. The process flow comes from our product team who help decide what products our customers would like TUI to feature. This in turn results in a bed and hotel brief being sent to me as part of the purchasing team and I then contact and meet with the hoteliers to build agreements that work for both parties.

Why did your choose to work for TUI?
I spent 5 years working within the Food Industry for Tesco and learnt a huge amount during that time; however, the time came when I needed a challenge and I wanted to experience a totally different industry. It was a very simple process after I had decided that I wanted to challenge myself with a new role in a new industry. I spent time thinking about what I enjoy and am passionate about in life and the result of that screamed “travel” to me. Thomson is such a well known brand in the UK and I also wanted to work for a company that gives the opportunity to work abroad & owns a strong well recognised brand

What’s the best thing about your team?
So far, as I am still very new, I have had to ask a huge amount of questions!  The team have supported me really well

What skills & experience have you developed whilst working in Purchasing?
Five years working for Tesco meant that I developed some great & very  specific skills and experience of the food and retail industry. However, I have also developed a wide range of  skills such as personal rapport and relationship building along with  technology skills whilst working in purchasing. One of the key roles of purchasing is negotiating, this is an art in itself and every single person has their own style and approach. This skill is a skill that is constantly evolving and improving whilst you work and meet new people, and whilst working in purchasing I have had the chance to meet and work alongside a lot of different people.

What is your favourite holiday destination?
This is an extremely tough question as I am such a big  fan of travel! I love an English summer down on the south coast in an historic English village, but I am also a fan of a sport holiday like a surf camp or a week snowboarding in the Alps. On the other hand I also love a beach break to relax and unwind. If I was to pick two destinations I would choose Waiheke Island which is just a short boat trip away from Auckland in New Zealand. One of my best friends got married there on a beach and I managed to spend some time exploring the island which was amazing. My second destination would have to be anywhere in Italy, I have visited quite a few places there, but I just feel that the country manages to do things so well, for example amazing food, history, coffee, fashion and beer.

What motivates and inspires you in your role?
I am motivated by success and achieving targets so within my new role I am really focussed on  achieving  the targets & objectives that have been set for me in my first round of contracting. There are the inevitable challenges , such as  the problem we are facing with the dollar. However there are great rewards from working in an ever changing climate.

I am also inspired by working in a close team where support and camaraderie is strong as this hugely as we strive as a team to achieve our goals.

Of course the opportunity to travel to amazing destinations and explore the best hotels in the world motivates me to stay positive and work hard because what other job in the world would enable you to fly to Jamaica on your first day in a new role like I had the pleasure of experiencing!

What makes you smile?
Even though we are working to a very busy schedule when travelling on business trips, I still make the effort to try and spend some time, 30 minutes or so,  at our hotels  tto really soak up the atmosphere that our guest have the pleasure of experiencing whilst they are on holiday. Each day these 30 minutes put a massive smile on my face as I am on the other side of the world in the most amazing destinations s (who would not smile in that situation).

Why would you recommend TUI as a great place to work?
Even after a short time I am pleased to say that I would recommend TUI as a great place to work!.

I have already been to Jamaica, Stockholm, Turkey, Dominican Republic and Florida which – whilst it was a hectic schedule (and the jet lag is tough!) has been a really enjoyable and totally new working experience. The opportunity within TUI is vast, TUI colleagues are worldwide and with that means there is potential for huge of career growth. The chance to meet and work alongside people from all over the world is a great selling point for TUI and I have met people from all over the world speaking various different languages, which is a great way to learn about the world that we all live in.