Meet Kerem Ibrahim

keremPurchasing Manager – Turkey & St Lucia


What does your job involve?
My job involves negotiating and securing the best possible hotel rates and conditions in the market, whilst building strong relationships with our suppliers and working very closely with Product and Trading Teams, in order to identify new commercial opportunities and maximise revenue for the company. The role requires me to travel frequently to meet with our suppliers and to closely monitor/analyse the group’s performance in the regions I am responsible for.

Why did your choose to work for TUI?
I chose to work for TUI because it is the world’s leading tour operator and I felt that I could utilise and develop my skills and knowledge further, in order to progress my career within the travel industry. I also chose to work for the company because it offered great flexibility in terms of where I could locate myself whilst carrying out my role. I decided to base myself in Turkey, which not only helped me to build strong relationships with our suppliers during a very challenging year, but also enabled me to create a better work/life balance.

What’s the best thing about your team?
The best thing about my team is the passion and pride we all have for the destinations we are responsible for. Everyone is prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that sales are maximised and that our customers have a wonderful holiday experience.

What skills & experience have you developed whilst working in Purchasing?
The main skills and experience I have developed since joining the company are working under pressure to tight deadlines and negotiating commitment contracts. It has also been a positive learning experience working for a company which operates on a global level and that is vertically integrated. This has enabled me to learn more about the travel industry and to also develop my communication skills, particularly on a cross cultural level.

What is your favourite holiday destination?
St Lucia because of its beaches and natural beauty.

What motivates and inspires you in your role?
The main things that motivate me in my role is firstly that I am empowered by manager to make important decisions for the company and secondly that I am able to travel to so many amazing places. It is also hugely motivational when you see one of the products/deals you have helped put together, perform successfully within the TUI portfolio. The main thing that inspires me within my current role is experiencing the loyalty and trust our suppliers have in the TUI Group, and their willingness to support us in order to protect the long term partnership. This demonstrates that TUI is not only a great company to work for, but also a great company to work with.

What makes you smile?
My daughter’s smile, going on holiday with my family and Friends, and when my football team wins (which is not very often).

Why would you recommend TUI as a great place to work?
I would recommend TUI as a great place to work as it provides flexibility for an effective work/life balance, enables you to travel the world and is committed to investment in its employees.