Meet Isis Iglesias

isis-non-purchasingCommercial Manager in Non Accommodation Purchasing


What does your job involve?
My main responsibility is to manage a range of Destination Management Companies (DMC) contracts. DMCs support us across all our destinations and provide transfers, excursions, staff/reps, offices and many other services. They are key to delivering a great customer experience and they work very closely with our colleagues in TUI Destination Services.

From a contracting perspective, my job entails securing DMC services at competitive prices for our Tour Operators. Transfer fees and handling fees are direct costs included in all our package holidays. I also work very closely with TUI Destination Services, to ensure we include terms that allow them to get the right support from the DMCs.

Why did you choose to work for TUI?
I started in TUI as an International Trainee, which I believe is one of the best graduate programs out there (and definitely the best in the industry). As a trainee, I had the opportunity to work in 5 different departments, in 4 different countries. If you have a company that invests in you, you are much more likely to stay, which is what I did!

What’s the best thing about your team?
The best thing about my team is that they are very supportive and experienced.

Many of them have been in the company for a long time or they have done different types of purchasing roles during the years. It is incredible how they can refer back to examples such as “the same thing happened 7 years ago in this situation, we should do XYZ”. This wealth of experience is very valuable and ensures best practice is passed on to other members of the team.

What skills & experience have you developed whilst working in Purchasing?
Stakeholder management skills are key to this role; there is need to manage customers (TOs, TUIDS), suppliers (DMCs) and a range of influencers (Finance teams, H&S, final customers), all with distinctive interetst. In most cases, you are also working with long term suppliers and you need to ensure that negotiations are done with a win-win mentality.

Moreover, due to the variety of destinations and colleagues locations, I have definitely become much better at working remotely! This is key skill for many XXI century jobs.

What is your favourite holiday destination?
I always say I am still to discover my favourite holiday destination (that gives me an excuse to keep travelling!)

What motivates and inspires you in your role?
Tour Operator package holidays operate with very tight margins and every € cost we pass on to our customers is something that needs to be understood and monitored. Ultimately, we need to be able to sell our holidays at the right price and I know I can influence this in my role.

What makes you smile?
Receiving feedback from TUI colleagues and DMC partners thanking you for making certain changes that improve our customer experience in the destination.

Why would you recommend TUI as a great place to work?
Friendly atmosphere and everyone’s most important topic of conversation are holidays