Meet Melanie Williams

melBuyer in Non-Accommodation Purchasing


What does your job involve?
I service numerous internal functions with the project management and the procurement of branded products used in-resort.  In addition I control the logistics involved in getting the goods out to our hotels and customers.

My largest internal customer Concept Design and Delivery annually require various commodities from hardware and signage, stationary, gifts and prizes for a number of brands; the Core 3 brands of TUI FAMILY LIFE, TUI SENSIMAR and TUI SENSATORI being pivotal alongside the UK market branding for First Choice Holiday Villages, Thomson Gold and the Thomson programme in Lapland.

No two days are the same, my role also facilitates the airport and hotel branding provisions for TUI Destination Services (TUI DS). Following the One Service transition of the multi source market resort team branding has become fundamental aspect of the customers journey in following the Smile.

Why did your choose to work for TUI?
I came into the team from an overseas background, I spent 6 years overseas working direct for international hotel chains before moving across to work for Thomson. I completed 2 years working in Thomson Gold hotels before finding the right role as a Procurement Executive (in Non-Accommodation Purchasing) in 2009. It was pertinent that following being on the receiving end of the annual resort deliveries and having used the tools and branding provided it enabled me to improve the product and procedures for the end customer.

The company has trusted and believed in me. I’ve been provided with amazing opportunities and I’m here writing this today because the business has invested in my progression within the purchasing team.

What’s the best thing about your team?
Our knowledge and experience. We all have different backgrounds – we’re a perfect fit.

What skills & experience have you developed whilst working in Purchasing?
Multi supplier account management, negotiation and strengthening my influencing skills – this particularly has become paramount when working with new stakeholders and ensuring we move forwards together in not making or returning to the same mistakes that have occurred in the past.

What is your favourite holiday destination?
I actually have two – Mallorca has to be my first because it’s where I met my husband and my second is the Maldives… need I say more?

What motivates and inspires you in your role?
I love what we do. The Non-accommodation Purchasing team deliver a vast collection of services and every single one impacts not only the customer journey but the customers holiday price. Every day is a challenge however I look at our offering and I’m immensely proud to be able to deliver a small part of that.

What makes you smile?
My dog, (he’s a Bichon Frise named Teddie), roast dinners, the sunshine… although recently and TUI related a colleague had linked me to a social media post where a little boy had lost his Thomson the Dog plush toy on one of our flights and it hadn’t been found. The retail store urgently needed to get a new toy to the distraught customer. Following seeing this and having a few spare in the office I posted the toy to the retail store for the family to collect. Thinking that was the end of it, I was delighted to see that the store had uploaded a suite of photographs of the reunion. There was no better feeling than that – I had previously developed the toy from flat sketches and the product is one of thousands of product lines I procure every season.

The little boys name is Noah and he’s 4 years old – seeing pictures of him together with his best friend Thomson made me smile!

Why would you recommend TUI as a great place to work?
We send customers on holiday – we eat, live, and breathe holidays and customers… I can’t think of anything better than that.