Meet Carly Laws

Senior Early Trading Manager

Tell us about your career in Trading at TUI and what you do?

I joined TUI in late 2013 as an Assistant working on mid-haul destinations, and then spent a few months working on a company-wide system implementation before being promoted to Executive in Oct 14 and moving  to work on Long-Haul routes, which was an exciting new challenge for me. I then spent 18 months working in the long-haul team during which time I was promoted to an Analyst position, and then was successful in my application to become a Trading Manager in Apr 16. As a Trading Manager I moved back to working on mid-haul destinations, managing a team of 4 that varied from apprentices to Analysts. Finally more recently I have moved into a Senior Trading Manager role, where I look after long-haul destinations again as well as strategic flight work for the department.

Day to day I support my team with strategic direction and implementing pricing decisions for their resorts, as well as providing guidance and helping them to develop as I have during my time in the company.

What is the best thing about your team ? 

I love seeing how passionate everyone is about the destinations they look after and how you can really begin to understand an area by looking at what our customers are booking. The team work really hard so it is really satisfying when you can see results coming through on your destinations.

What skills and experience have you developed whilst working in Trading? 
I’d say the biggest thing I’ve developed is my communication skills – as a naturally quiet person it was a learning curve to have to do so much face to face communication when discussing your resorts but it is such an important skill to learn and one that has lead to me going on to do large public presentations to push myself further.

Secondly, from being responsible for such a huge programme where we can have thousands of passengers book in a single day has really taught me to prioritise effectively and focus on the areas that will drive the most financial benefit for the business. There is a great training programme here when you first enter the role, but learning on the job has also taught me invaluable skills and experience that I could use in any area of the business.

What is your favourite holiday destination? 

Thailand – I’ve been 3 times now and could never get tired of the amazing beaches and culture.

What makes you smile? 

Seeing my team develop and deliver great results that are recognised in the department and the wider business. Within the team we do a weekly ‘trader of the week’ where the managers decide which trader should be recognised for a piece of work they’ve done that week and it is a great way to be acknowledge hard work.

Why is TUI a great place to work? 

I’ve never worked in a company that looks after their staff as well as TUI – the culture the business promotes is that is cares about its employees, its customers and the environment. It is extremely social here, particularly in Trading, so it is a great place to make friends, and obviously the holiday perks are an added bonus!

And finally why would you recommend someone to take up a career in Trading? 

It is great to be able to look at the prices we put out to our customers and realise you are responsible for why it has been priced that way, why it is appearing on the website a certain way and see the impact it is having on the company’s sales, which ultimately affect our bottom-line profitability as a business. If you have a problem-solving, analytical mind with an interest in travel, then Trading is a perfect fit.