Meet John Lewis

General Manager Early Trading


Tell us about your career in Trading at TUI and what you do?
I’ve had the chance to work in a variety of areas within Trading, starting off as a new graduate in the Thomsonfly Revenue Management team, and presently being the Shorthaul General Manager in the Early Trading Market. The progression the company offers has given me the opportunity to manage a wide portfolio of many global destinations across several teams, both in the Early Market and the Late Market. All this experience is used in my current role where I’m responsible for ensuring the Short Haul Early Trading team hits financial targets, whilst managing the risks and costs attached to operating such a large flight and hotel programme.

Why did you choose to work for TUI?
When leaving University I was keen to find an employer that had two things: A reputation for investment in its staff, and a company with a defined vision for its future. TUI ticked both these boxes for me!

What is the best thing about your team ?
The atmosphere within my team is great. We’re a very relaxed group, and get on really well.

What skills and experience have you developed whilst working in Trading?
Trading is essentially the art of multi-tasking and problem solving simultaneously. I always felt I was good at analysing data trends, but I’ve really learned to appreciate how you attach monetary benefit to the decisions you make, in order to prioritise your actions for the benefit of the business.

What is your favourite holiday destination?
I’ve had the opportunity to travel a lot whilst working here, but I’d have to single out Kenya as my favourite destination. A safari on the Masai Mara was probably one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had!

What makes you smile?
Within the wider commercial team we arrange lots of social events around the local area, but occasionally we’ll get the chance to attend overseas conferences which is definitely a great opportunity to put a few names to faces, whilst relaxing and getting to experience some of the great product we have.

Why is TUI a great place to work?
Everyone in the company is genuinely passionate about providing great holidays for our customers, but the company is also really focussed on ensuring staff get the chance to experience this for themselves by offering generous travel benefits. It’s given me the opportunity to travel to some amazing places that otherwise would have been out of reach.

And finally why would you recommend someone to take up a career in Trading?
I think Trading is one of a few professions where the results of your actions are clear to see, often almost immediately. It’s really rewarding to see how sales numbers alter off the back of pricing plans you’ve created.