Meet Katie – Late Trading Manager

Tell us about your career in Trading at TUI and what you do?

I joined TUI in August 2017, starting in the Early Trading Mid-Haul Team. I traded Turkey for the S18 early market until March 2018 where we then passed the season onto the late trading team.  I have since traded Bulgaria and part of the Canaries, and also traded Turkey for another early season and have most recently moved to trading Greece and Morocco for the W19 and S20 seasons.  I completed the Trading Executive Framework in June 2018, and then was promoted to an Analyst in December 2018.

Working in Early Trading my main responsibility is to ensure we are filling our planes and hotels whilst maximising profit.  This means checking daily bookings, identifying trends and changing the prices to make certain holidays more attractive to the customer than others.  We look into a huge range of data and work with lots of different teams to make the most effective pricing decisions – looking at search data and the market, whilst also considering how many seats on planes we have compared with the number of beds in our hotels.

Why did you chose to work for TUI?

When I finished uni, I had a year out where I worked for a UK holiday company before going travelling.  When I got back, I really didn’t have much idea what I wanted to do – I studied Sports Science at the University of Birmingham and while I enjoyed this, I had no desire to go forward with a career in the industry.  I had enjoyed my short time working in the travel industry so started looking at jobs – the analytical nature of this job really appealed and holidays will never be boring so I decided to apply.  Having now worked here for more than 18 months I can say it is such a great company to work for.  There is a real genuine focus on your personal development and I feel the company is so positive, and there is always something going on in the office!

What is the best thing about your team?

Whilst we all work on our own geographical resorts, all numbers feed into the overall team – everyone helps each other out and you really feel like you can make a difference.  The team is made up of a lot of recent graduates, university placements and apprentices; but also has a wealth of knowledge and experience, resulting in a diverse and hardworking team which is great to be a part of. Quite a lot of the team have also relocated for the job, so it isn’t unusual on a Friday evening to be in the pub next door, and I can genuinely say I have made some really good friends which I think is important.

What skills and experience have you developed whilst working in the trading team?

In trading there is always more you can do – always something else to look at, so I feel I have learnt to prioritise well.  We work with a lot of other areas of the business, but ultimately if something isn’t selling, it can come back to us, and as we are responsible for the trading of our destinations, you have to be confident in your decisions.  I think my analytical skills have improved and also you learn to think outside the box – it isn’t always as easy as discounting.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

I absolutely fell in love with Australia when I went there in 2017 however I also love Italy!  The food, weather and scenery are just a dream!

What makes you smile?

Chocolate cake…and the brownies at the Costa downstairs can definitely improve a Monday morning!

Why would you recommend someone to take up a career at TUI?

There are so many opportunities from working for TUI.  You are given full ownership of the trading of your resorts and no two days are ever the same.  I love spending every day working with something so tangible and where you feel you are valued and can make a difference.