Cabin Crew Recruitment Process

We welcome applications from Previous and current Cabin Crew as well as those new to the industry.


Our Cabin Crew application process consists of four stages:

Online Application

If you meet the criteria in the Cabin Crew role checklist then the first stage of the selection process requires you to complete an online application form. You will be asked a series of questions including some ‘free text’ questions where you will be able to provide more detailed answers.

Online Testing (SJT)

As part of the application process, you’ll be invited to complete an online assessment. This assessment is designed to assist us in evaluating your suitability for the role whilst giving you a preview in to the role itself. You’ll be presented with 14 scenarios; each scenario will present a situation that you may find yourself in as Cabin Crew. As part of this assessment, you’ll be asked to select whether each of the four responses are more or less effective.

Once you’ve submitted your Cabin Crew application,  you should receive an application confirmation email. Within this email is a link to complete an online test, an essential part of the process. Please check all inboxes including your junk/spam folder once you have submitted your initial application. If you’ve not received this email then please contact us ASAP:

Video Interview

Video interviewing is a great way for you to tell us why you are suitable for the role. Complete our pre-recorded video interview at a time and place that suits you, we will also allow you to re-record your answers so there is no need to worry about fluffing your words.

Assessment Centre

Our assessment centres are a great opportunity for us to meet you in person and for you to meet members of our Cabin Crew Recruitment Team. Our Cabin Crew Recruiters still operate as Cabin Crew so you will get a real insight into what this role really involves.

We want you to think of our assessment centres as a two way process; it’s a chance for us to see if you display the relevant skills and behaviours that the role of Cabin Crew requires, it’s also an opportunity for you to decide if TUI is right for you. Our assessment centres will consist of both individual and group tasks, group presentations, role play scenarios and a competency based interview.

Keeping You Informed

We will share more information with you when you reach each stage of the selection process.

Please allow a minimum of 15 working days for an update on your application at each of the above four stages.

During periods of peak activity (i.e. when we launch our recruitment campaign), it may take longer to screen online applications, online SJT and video interviews. If you submit an online application, online SJT or video interview during the month of of September then it may take us up to 4 weeks to provide you with an update at each of these stages.

Talent Pool

As a business, we start our recruitment campaign well in advance of the summer months which means that our business requirements can change.

If you are successful at one of our assessment centres and we hope you will be, you will be placed into our Cabin Crew Talent Pool. Reaching this stage means your skills and behaviours have matched our selection criteria and you have shown real passion for the role of Cabin Crew – You are now only one step away from joining Team TUI.

You will remain in our Cabin Crew Talent Pool whilst we finalise our airport base requirements; our offers are made in line with business needs which means that some bases and candidates may receive offers before others. We’ll keep in touch when you reach this stage.